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Tips for Millennials who Want to Buy a House

By Isny Dewi R

09 December 2019

Tips for buying a home without disrupting other financial goals.

Not a few millennials who feel upset after deciding to buy a house. Some things that make them stressful are usually worried about the difficulty of achieving financial goals. For example, worrying about not being able to save or fulfill other needs of life such as paying for children's schooling needs.

For millennials, financing children's schooling to university is a top priority. Unfortunately, the cost of home ownership makes this goal hard to realized. If you have an education plan saving, it’ll automatically become a debt that must be paid in installment each month.

So don’t be surprised if the impact of buying a house or installments can affect long-term financial goals. But there are several strategies that you can apply, so tbuying a home is not a burden for you. Here are tips for buying a home without disrupting other financial goals.

1. Consider the Location of the House
If you want to buy a house, it's good if you consider the location. Choose a location that is a bit far from urban area, but has easy access to hospitals, schools, public transportation, and other important facilities. The house that far from urban area usually fix prices that is not too expensive. In addition, consider also buying a subsidized house from the government or buy a house at fairly low cost housing.

2. High Early Payment
Buying a house with Home Ownership Credit (KPR) system is in high demand by millennials these days. However, to reduce installment loads, it’s better if you increasing the value of the early payment. Therefore, prepare a big budget to maximize payment in the beginning. That way, the process of installments, interest, taxes, and other cost payments in the future is not too high.

3. Invest Your House
If you have already paid off the installment, then the best way to keep the assets going is to invest the house. In addition to getting the difference from the investment value, you can use this nominal difference to meet your financial goals in the future. Good luck!

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