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Tips for Parents on Helping Children Study at Home during COVID-19

By Eskanisa R

06 April 2020

Tips to help children remained discipline during studying at home.

Most activities including working and studying definitely being disturbed. Those were restricted to prevent spread of COVID-19. Hence, students are encouraged to study at home online. This could be a challenging phase for parents to keep their children studying while #dirumahaja. There are some easy tips for you on helping children remained discipline during studying at home.

1. Make a Schedule

Studying activities at schools being stopped temporarily until further notice. Hence, parents at home need to continue the process. It is highly recommended to apply same schedule when your children attending schools. For example, you still need to wake them up at 6am to get ready, take a shower, having breakfast and ready to study. Follow lesson schedule given by teachers at schools. When break time arrives, let your children take a break for a while. If possible, you can also ask teachers lessons your children should learn and tasks.

2. Comfortable Ambience

Make a specific spot to study at home and ensure your children take the same place every single day. This way teach self-discipline skills and your child will behave even they feel bored and eager to study in different spots like bedroom. Do not let they move spot, remained to stay at the same place also help build they concertation.

3. Evaluation

At this phase, you can find either your children good at following process or not. If you find your children left behind the process, find the problem as well as the solution. You can take advantage of online learning media provided by Ministry of Education and Culture or number of informal education institutions which provide free access to get a lot materials your children need. If you still do not have the answer, do not hesitate to give their teachers call.



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