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Tips for Riding the MRT Jakarta

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18, April 2019

Have you tried Mass Rapid Transit or Moda Raya Terpadu (MRT)? If you’ve never, try immediately, because during April MRT passengers are only charged half price. But before deciding to try, there are some tips you should try to be comfortable riding the MRT.

1. Ride from the Nearest Station
There are 13 MRT stations stretch from Lebak Bulus to Bundaran HI. These stations include Lebak Bulus station, Fatmawati station, Cipete Raya station, Haji Nawi station, Blok A station, Blok M station, ASEAN station, Senayan station, Istora station, Bendungan Hilir station, Setiabudi station, Dukuh Atas station, and Bundaran HI station.

It's good, you choose the closest station from your position to facilitate access to the MRT station. Not only that, if you choose the right station it will also affect the rates that you will spend. Some stations have also been integrated with Transjakarta bus stop and shopping center.

2. Using Electronic Money Card
To ride the MRT, you can use electronic money cardsissued by leading banks, such as Flazz BCA, e-Money Bank Mandiri, Brizzi BRI, Tapcash oleh BNI, and Jakcard Bank DKI. You can also use JakLingko card. In addition, the Jakarta MRT also issued two types of tickets, Single Trip and Multi Trip. The Jelajah card can be purchased at ticket vending machines and counters available at each station.

The Single Trip card is priced at Rp 15,000 and will be returned after a maximum of seven days of use and can still be used. While Multi Trip ticket priced at Rp 25,000 and can be used as long as the balance is sufficient. However, if you want to buy a Jelajah card, you must be willing to queue, especially during rush hours. If you already have an electronic money card, it's better to use the existing one because you don't have to queue and can directly tapping.

3. Obey the Rules
There are several ethics that you must understand while at the station or inside the Ratangga. If you violate, do not blame if the officer reprimands or is forced to expel you. Of course this is will be very unpleasant. First, don't run or play inside the station or on the train. This is one of the rules applied by the MRT Jakarta management. Besides it is dangerous, this action also disrupts other passengers comfort. Also understand the ethics of using an escalator and elevator. Stand on the left side of the elevator if you only want to stand, the right side is for those who want to walk or hurry.

You also can't arbitrarily use an elevator. Lifts are prioritized for disabled passengers, pregnant women, the elderly, and passengers who carry children or heavy goods. For the sake of convenience together, while in line you also have to pay attention to the instructions. You are not allowed to stand in front of the train entry access or the area with green triangle sign. Because it will disturb passengers who will get off the train.

No less important, there are only a few trash cans in the station and platform. This is because the MRT Jakarta implements a system where passengers are advised not to bring something that has the potential to become garbage. In addition to cleaning and educating the public, the activity of transporting garbage, especially underground, will also disrupt the activities inside the station. Transportation of garbage will be very disturbing, especially with limited door access. So provide a place in your bag or pocket to store your trash during your trip using MRT Jakarta.

4. Find the Right Place in the Train
Keep in mind, the third and fourth carriage are prioritized for disability. So choose the right carriage. In the train several regulations such as priority benches are applied, to the ban to not stand in front of the door. You’re also not allowed to eating and drinking on the train.

5. Ask the Officer if You’re Confused
Officers are always standby at the station, platform, and inside the train. Don't hesitate to ask if you need information about MRT trips. Not only that, the officer is also happy to help you if you have problem. You can also report if something happens, like seeing a criminal act or something else.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.