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Tips for Safe Driving in Rainy Season

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
22, April 2019

Safety must become part of people’s system. While related to driving, especially during rainy season that causes flooding, people need extra attention to drive comfortably and safely. Here are simple tips for safe driving in rainy season.

1. Tires and Brakes Condition

In order to driving safely during rainy season, you need to make sure condition of tires and brakes also lights. It is important to know if your tires pressure in right condition before driving. Dimension and weight of your vehicle affect tires pressure. Do not forget to check tires tread, is it still has texture or smooth. This also applies for brakes, in order to do properly brake, you need to make sure there is no leak in hose or wheel cylinder.

2. Avoid Pool

Avoid any pool while driving in rainy season, especially one that higher than your vehicle or sidewalk. If you have no choice and need to make through it, you need to drive in slow speed to reduce waves that can enter and damage your air filter.

3. Clean Your Vehicle

Rainwater contains acid, besides being able to damage vehicle paint, other parts such as under the vehicle and fender can also rust. Wheel rotation and wind also accelerate the corrosion process in the part under the vehicle that is exposed to rain water, especially after passing through a pool. That is why you need to clean, wash your vehicle after rain.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani