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Tips for Staying Productive While Working at Home

By Isny Dewi R

21 January 2020

Some tips to stay focus and productive while working at home.

Maybe many of you want to work at home. This is because you don't need to worry about traffic jams, jostling on public transportation, or even flood. Even if you work at home, you still need a creative workspace. The reason is, working at home can make it difficult for you to separate your personal things from work. In order to stay focus and productive while working at home, here are some tips you can apply!

1. Not Too Comfortable
Famous designer Clive Wilkinson, known as an architect and interior designer at Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley, United States, said that workspace should not be too comfortable. According to him, using a chair that is too soft or a very comfortable sofa in your workspace can affect productivity. You can design provocative workspace and capable of arousing creativity. You can put a bookshelf or note board on the wall of your workspace.

2. Choose Equipment that isn't Troublesome
You may want your workspace at home to feel like an office. However, remember, your goal of working at home is to make your work more comfortable and easier. Therefore, try not to buy big and heavy furnitures, because it can prevent you from redecorating your workspace if you are bored. Buy a small work chair, a minimalist work desk, and flexible furnitures.

3. Arrange Your Work Desk
Leaving a desk filled with paper not only gives the impression of a mess, but also makes it difficult for you to focus. Therefore, arrange items on your desk as neat as possible. Place the document and stationery in its place. Place electronic equipment such as your printer on a separate table, so it doesn’t fill your work desk.

4. Give a Personal Touch
Favorite items are believed to be an encouragement, no exception for those of you who work at home. You can put your favorite items on your desk, as long as it doesn't bother you, like neatly arranged action figures. Even though it may seem unprofessional, but the personal touch of your favorite items can also boost spirit.

5. Presenting Natural Scenery
Many workers claim to be more excited when their workspace faces the window. Besides being able to feel the breeze and natural sunlight, you can also see the scenery outside. Seeing the environment around you can not only improve mood, but also increase productivity.

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