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Tips for Taking Commuter Line

Tips for Taking Commuter Line


Electrical train or commuter line is one of the transportations in Jakarta. Taking commuter line is faster than other transportation, because it does not have to deal with the traffic. That is why commuter line becomes favorite transportation and no wonder each coach is always filled with people. Check out these tips to have a comfortable commuter line ride.

1. Warm Up
Taking commuter line means you have to be ready to thrust with other passengers either in the station or inside the coach. So, it is better for you to warm up to loosen up your muscle and get ready to stand up when you don’t get a seat inside.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes
Although each commuter line is already equipped with air conditioner, sometimes it still feels hot because of many people inside it. So, wear comfortable clothes to stay comfy. There are also passengers who use a portable fan inside the commuter line. What a view!

3. Don’t Wear High Heels
Taking commuter line means you have to be ready to walk a lot. So, avoid using high heels because that will only make you hurt your feet and hard to walk. Use casual shoes that can make you walk comfortably.

4. Protect Your Belongings
Because of the hectic condition inside commuter line, it is best for you to be careful about criminal activities that can be happened inside. Don’t wear too much jewelries and put your valuables such as wallet and phone inside your bag. And then close your bag and keep your eyes on it from pickpocket.

5. Watch Your Manners
Be friendly with others, although sometimes there is other passenger’s behavior that might piss you off. But still, just keep the emotion inside you. Give your seat to other people in need such as senior, pregnant women, disabled, and mother with child. As fellow passengers, we have to appreciate each other.