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Tips on Making Videos to Promote Business

By Eskanisa R

03 December 2019

Easy ways making video to promote business on social media.

If you are interested promoting business in social media, along with photos form you can also make videos which help to increasing brand awareness, convince buyers of quality of your products or services as well as reach wider market. You can even promote your business using low budget (videos) with these simple steps.

1. Short and Brief

When you are recording video, it is possible all frame you take good. However, you cannot use them all in one video for promoting your business. Usually, people get bored while watching more than 7 minutes length of video especially on social media. Make video as interesting and short as possible especially in the beginning of video, make watchers curious and want to finish the video. Ensure they watch until the end of the video without skipping.

2. Message

Even it called short video, make sure you deliver message clearly. Call to action messages refer to contact information they can reach immediately right after watching your video to purchase any products or services you offer. Of you can put link of your official website.

3. Testimonials

Explaining the advantages your products or services in form of video is important thing to do, but it will look more convincing if you can put real testimonials of your loyal buyers, while prospective buyers watch the video and see testimonials from people who already purchased your products or services, they feel more confident to also purchase same things.

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