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Tips to Earn More Money from Jastip

By Eskanisa R

06 November 2019

Earn more money from shopping entrusted good service (jastip).

Jastip or shopping entrusted good service is raising the roof as one of promising businesses. It simply because shopping trends and e-commerce are growing, hence encouraging online shopping. Presence of jastip make people easier to get their stuffs without having visit the store or even walking out through your home door especially to get stuffs from overseas. Jastip also offering stuffs in Indonesia including bazaar. If you are interested running this kind or business, here are some easy tips to earn more money.

1. Stuffs

Jastip is a great opportunity to earn more money using phone and social media to get connected with your buyers who want to buy stuffs. There are a lot of items you can sell with jastip, from cosmetics, skincare, clothes, bags, shoes, food, drinks and so forth. The trick is choose famous stuff people are talking about.

For example, if you are travelling to South Korea, you can open jastip for skincare, food, souvenirs or typical K-pop stuffs. Look for those items and capture. Upload your photos on social media, offering jastip to your friends and other users. Do not forget to put your available number to make them easy booking the stuffs and offering competitive prices.

2. Profit Margin

Every kind of jastip has its own profit margin. It depends on type of stuffs you sell, especially for expensive stuffs such as limited bags or shoes definitely has bigger profit margin. However, most jastip offering 10 – 20% percent profit of the original prices.

3. Good System

When you decided running this business, you should have good yet clear system. Procedures of ordering and paying stuffs should clear enough, to decreasing risk of hit and run. You must require buyers to pay for the stuffs in advance, in order to avoid fraud while confirming the order.

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