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Tips to Help Children Maintain Health during COVID-19 Outbreaks

By Eskanisa R

23 March 2020

Easy and simple tips to help children maintain health during Corona outbreaks.

Here are some tips you can do to help children maintain health during COVID-19 outbreaks without making them worry about the pandemic.

1. Hand wash

Every single one including children can protect themselves from COVID-19 start from the easiest, simplest way, washing hands. Health experts highly recommend to wash your hands with hand soap for 15 – 30 seconds and rinse under running water. It simply because hand soap has a chemical which can tie down water and germ. When you rinse your both hands, water will swipe away the all germs. Along with that, foam also help remove dirt from skin. Make sure to remind your children to wash their hands after playing, coughing and sneezing, before and after eat, after using bathrooms, after handling pet and sick person.

2. Hydrate

The second simple way to increase their immune is hydration. It is highly recommended to remind your children to drink whenever they feel thirsty to ensure their bodies well hydrated. You can also give vegetables and fruits which contain a lot of water such as watermelons, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

3. Ginger

This last way may be frightening most children. Because, most of them do not like taste of ginger. Ginger has curcumin as an anti-bacterial agent as well as help increasing immune system. For (ginger) drinks, it can only be consumed by children over the 2 years old. However, you can try to add a little amount of grated ginger to their soup or porridge or simply boiled ginger, give it a lime juice and spoon of honey to make mild taste.



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