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Tips to Save Big at the Supermarket

By Isny Dewi R

04 Jul 2019

Tips to save big when shopping at supermarket.

Who doesn't like shopping at supermarket? Everything you need is all here. However, because of that, it is difficult for us to hold back and even buy things that are not needed. You just regret when you see the total monthly expenditure that swells than you should. Quoted from Reader's Digest, here are tips to save big when shopping at supermarket.

1. Make a Shopping List
Make a list of what to buy is important if you want to shop at supermarket. First, the shopping list will shorten your time at the supermarket. Second, shopping becomes more focused because you already have the list. That way, you also only buy things that are needed and avoid waste. You can write shopping notes on paper or on your phone.

2. Don't Visit Supermarket Too Often
Yes, visiting supermarket is really fun. As if there was its own pleasure surrounding a large store while looking at a window filled with daily necessities while occasionally checking prices. But, don't come to the supermarket too often! Whether you need or not, you will definitely buy something when visiting supermarket. Although not much, but if often then your expenditure will increase.

3. Buy Raw Materials
This applies to food. Buying fast food is practical, but you will spend more money. For example, the price of a salad has become more expensive than making it yourself. Even though there are ready-to-eat foods that are reasonably priced, the portion is not as much as homemade food.

4. Looking for Discount
Supermarkets often give discounts at certain times such as the beginning or end of the month, it can also be near the closing of the store. Promos offered also vary, such as buy 1 get 1 or cheaper price than usual.

5. Use Shopping Voucher
Some e-commerce offer shopping voucher at supermarkets at lower prices. In addition, at certain times, there are also supermarkets that provide coupons or stickers if you shop exceeds a certain nominal. If you collect stickers, you can get discount or get free item. There are also several supermarkets that offer customers to become their member. Don't miss this opportunity, because usually with this member you will get benefits such as discount or shopping voucher.

6. Forget Fancy Labels
Don’t get suckered by brand-name advertising. Many people waste billion a year on name brands instead of getting nearly the exact same stuff using cheaper store brands. Buying generic items is a great way to shave money off your grocery bill when it comes to certain items. Certain items have the exact same ingredients as the name brands but cost much less.