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Tips for the First Time Solo Female Traveller

By Isny Dewi R

21 Jun 2019

Tips for solo female traveller.

Really want to travel but no friends can accompany you. Or your friends who originally wanted to accompany you suddenly can't participate for some reasons. Of course it's very unpleasant, especially if you can't wait to go on vacation. Instead of cancelling your traveling plan, what if you go solo? No need to be afraid, solo traveling can be done for both men and women. If this is your first experience as a solo traveller, consider these following tips to stay safe and comfortable.

1. Research
Before starting your trip, the most important thing you have to do is research about the place you are going to. Find out how the condition is, how to access transportatio, to the weather. This is important so that you can prepare everything well before you arrive at your destination. It also helps you avoid from crime targets which often target tourists who are confused.

2. Find a Trusted Lodging
This point is the next most important thing, because lodging will be your temporary home while traveling, especially if you are a female traveller. Today, it is not difficult to find lodging which is not only comfortable, but also safe. You can research lodging through hotel booking sites. If you have determined the city to be visited, you can sort the lodging based on the best reviews from travellers who have stayed overnight. Now more and more inexpensive lodging with incredible quality.

If you choose to stay in a hostel with a dorm room, choose a room for women. Usually a good hostel also provides lockers for guests who want to keep their valuables. Keep your valuables in your locker. If you want to leave, don't forget to lock it.

3. Wear the Right Clothes
While traveling, it's a good idea to wear the right clothes according to your destination. If you plan to travel to Kuta Bali, it might not be a problem if you want to wearing beach wear. However, try to not wearing too-open clothes, to avoid crime and you can be more comfortable. Another case if you go to a place which is known to be quite religious, of course you have to wear polite clothes to respect local customs.

Also avoid wearing striking jewellery which can invite criminals attention. Be simple and try to blend in with the locals, so you don't look like a tourist.

4. Use Local Guide
If you are solo traveling and do not understand the place you are going to go well, there's nothing wrong with using a local guide. Local guides tend to understand more about the intricacies of the neighbourhood where they live. They can even take you to tourist attractions or taste delicious culinary which not many people know. In addition, they will also free you to go anywhere, without having to stick to the itinerary. However, look for a reliable guide. You can find out via Instagram or ask the local people.

5. Avoid Going Home Late
If you explore tourist destinations alone, try not to go home late. Traveling in a place that you don't know alone at night is certainly very risky, especially for women. To avoid going home late, you can go out since morning, so you still have plenty of time to explore. How are ladies? Interested to try solo traveling?