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Tired of Being Jobless? Follow These 5 Tips!

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
25, February 2016

Have you been sending job applications over and over but no single company replied you? Don’t give up just yet. Maybe there are some things you must fix. Check these 5 tips to get a job soon!

1. Check Your CV
There could be something wrong with your CV. Most of time, the Human Resources Department (HRD) want a simple, easy-to-read CV. Don’t forget to put your personal bio as complete as you can, along with your e-mail address and phone number. As for the application letter, use simple sentences and avoid rambling words. Position yourself as a HRD of a company and reread your CV and application letter. And then judge yourself: are they interesting enough? 

2. Practice the Interview
Job interview is the time when you are allowed to introduce yourself and explain why you deserve the job at the company. Know yourself and your skills. Practice to answer the questions that might come up in the interview so you can prepare the answers. Interview is not the time to be someone who is low-self esteemed or not being confident!

3. Add Your Skill 
A company will also consider your skill to the job type you are proposing. Your CV will shine more if you attach the trainings and workshops you have followed, along with the certificates. If you don’t have any, you can try joining certified seminars now. It will broaden your knowledge and sharpen your skills. Beneficial for you as well, isn’t it?

4. Be Open
A fresh graduate usually has certain targets to work in a big company. But do not be too ambitious to be accepted in a big company since you will have so many competitors. Open yourself to try working in a start-up company. Working in a developed company can be as fun as working in big company.

5. Add Your Experience
Rather than stay idling and not productive, try to do an internship. This program is usually available in both big and small companies. It is not rare to find a company that also gives salary for internships. By this you can have more experience that you can put in your CV, apart from the additional income.

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono