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Toko Misteri, a Place to Get the Best Second-hand Clothes

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03, February 2020

Do you like hunting second-hand clothes? If so, then you should take time to come to Toko Misteri. Yes, this store in Gading Serpong, Tangerang does have a slightly odd name, but the items they offer are not as strange as their name.

Toko Misteri is a place that sells seconcd-hand or vintage items with quality that you don't need to doubt. This store was originally located in Melawai area, South Jakarta, then in 2017 moved to BSD area, and last year moved to the 2nd floor of Ruko South Goldfinch, in Serpong area, Tangerang.

The shop owner, Eric Liem himself is a collector of vintage clothes, and deliberately made Toko Misteri as a place that sells a variety of old school items or antiques. Not only vintage clothes, this shop also sells other vintage items such as shoes, vinyl records, sunglasses, tapes, hats, to books.

Photo Credit: Instagram @tokomisteri

Although vintage clothes here are second-hand clothes, but the quality is guaranteed to be good. But not all of them are second-hand, Toko Misteri also collaborates with several illustrators, designers, or local artists to release new clothes. If you plan to hunt for clothes in this store, you can see the catalog on @tokomisteri Instagram.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @tokomisteri

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.