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Tom & Jerry Starts New Fight in a Big City in a Live-Action Movie

By Isny Dewi R

02 December 2020

Warner Bros Pictures released a live action version of Tom & Jerry movie trailer.

Photo source: Instagram @wbpictures
Not long ago, Warner Bros Pictures released a live action version of Tom & Jerry movie trailer. The trailer opens with the scene of Tom and Jerry waiting for the bus to leave for New York City. So far, Tom and Jerry live in a residential area far from big cities.
"After a lifetime of being the world most famous enemies, Tom and Jerry are about to start over in a big city," said the narrator at the beginning of the trailer while accompanied by Bruno Mars' Count on Me.
In the trailer, Tom and Jerry are also seen making up before their separation. Until a bus that reads New York City passed and hit Tom with a slapstick style just like animation comedy films.
The trailer then shows Jerry's new life in New York, and becomes a resident of a luxury hotel. The house is located inside the hotel wall with a bath-up and a flat-screen TV.
Along with the arrival of Jerry, the luxury hotel also has a new employee named Kayla, roled by Chloe Grace Moretz. Besides having a job like any hotel employees, Kayla is also given an additional job to expel Jerry from the hotel.
After good efforts and no response from Jerry, Kayla bring a cat to drive Jerry out of the hotel, and it is Tom. From here, Tom and Jerry's feud begin again.
Tom & Jerry are characters and animation by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Meanwhile, the live-action version of the film was worked on by Tim Story and the script was written by Kevin Costello.
The Tom & Jerry Live-Action movie is scheduled to releases in the United States on 5 March 2021 and will mark the 29th anniversary since the legendary character's first movie, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, premiered in 1992. Until now, there have been 164 animated short, a number of television series, and an associated film under the name "Tom & Jerry".

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