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Top 7 The Simpsons Predictions That Came True

By Eskanisa R

10 August 2020

What another episode of The Simpsons will be come true?

Photo source: FOX

This series—The Simpsons—made eerily accurate predictions about the future has been airing for 31 seasons since 1989. This series display a life of The Simpsons family; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in Springfield city.
Beside the unique yellow characters, The Simpsons displaying their guest stars including president of the United States, Donald Trump in form of cartoon and several scenes successfully predicted events in the future that came true. As reported by, here are top seven predictions on The Simpsons that came true:

  • Donald Trump
In the Bart to the Future episode which aired on March 19, 2000, The Simpsons was predicted Donald Trump would serve as president of the United States. Dan Greaney as the author said he deliberately made this “prediction” based on unstable time in United States.
  • Smartwatch
In the episode of Lisa’s Wedding aired in 1995, Lisa’s fiancé named Hugh Parkfield was seen using watch looks like a nowadays smartwatch. He used the watch to have conversation with other.
  • Video Call
In the same episode, Lisa also seen having conversation with her mom, Marge using a computer, not a phone that everyone used in the 90s. Once again, The Simpsons predicted the future.
  • Autocorrect
Speaking about technology, in the Lisa on Ice episode aired in 1994, one of her friend named Dolph was paying attention to a presentation and tried to take notes. When he typed, “Eat Up, Martha”, it was corrected to “Beat Up, Martin”.
  • Ebola Pandemic
 In the episode aired in 1997, Marge was seen offering Bart a book to read called “Curios George and the Ebole Virus”. In 2014, United States had Ebola pandemic. Fear and anxiety really hit American people at that time.
  • Lady Gaga at Super Bowl
One of the most popular pop singers all the time, Lady Gaga appeared in an episode of The Simpsons. She held a concert in Springfield. Although the prediction did not clearly state that Lady Gaga performed at Super Bowl, but her stage action at 2017 Super Bowl was similar to the episode of The Simpsons—with acrobatics and slings.
  • Disney’s Purchase of 20th Century Fox
Disney officially brought Fox including 20th Century Fox, Fox 200 Pictures, Fox Family, Fox Animation and Fox Searchlight amidst March 2019 for $71.3 billion which was predicted in an episode aired in 1998. In that episode, The Simpsons visit Fox studios where Homer making a movie. At glance, there is a sign with 20th Century Fox logo but using Disney tagline, “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” (owned by Walt Disney).

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