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Top-selling Chicken Noodles in Tangerang, Hundred Portions Every Day

By Eskanisa R

27 October 2020

Starts from Rp13.000 with filling portion.

Photo source: GrabFood

Stay-at-home requirements during COVID-19 may not be an obstacle for foodies who really like mi ayam (chicken noodles) to taste this favoured dish that available on GoFood and GrabFood.
Mie Ayam Banyumas SUNJA is top-selling chicken noodles in Binong, Tangerang ready to take your taste buds to heaven. Even Indonesian actress, Nikita Mirzani admit this delicious dish. It all lies on the size of the noodles, thick and chewy. Besides, it also has strong aroma of sesame oil and different savoury taste. While the soup is a bit oily which taste even more delicious.
A bowl of noodle served with boiled mustard greens and generous chunks of seasoned chicken. There are also additional toppings, meatballs and stuffed dumplings with filling portions.
Along with chicken noodles, you can also try bihun (rice vermicelli), kwetiau (flat noodles), meatballs and stuffed dumpling soup. Such a complete choice of affordable noodles! Not surprisingly they sell hundred portions each day. Does Mie Ayam Banyumas SUNJA interest you?

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Mie Ayam Banyumas SUNJA
Jl. Binong Permai No. B14, Suka Bakti, Tangerang 15810

Open Hours:

09.00 – 21.00 WIB