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Touring in the Jakarta’s Kota Tua Area

Touring in the Jakarta’s Kota Tua Area


This tourist destination in Jakarta has become one of the icons of the metropolitan. The Kota Tua (Old City) area is also called Old Batavia because the place has a historical value for being in a strategic location and for its endless natural sources. The place was the central business for Asia continent in the 16th century.

Today this place is an attractive tourism destination. There are Fatahillah Museum that used to be the Batavia City Hall, Museum of Ceramic, Museum of Bank Indonesia, Puppet Museum, National Archive Building and Zion Church. Each of the building holds its own history and became a silent witness of the government of Batavia City.

Photo source: http://www.coklatkita.com

Located in the strategic area of Kota Tua, it is easy to be reached. Many of public transportations pass this area, such as commuter line that stops at Jakarta Kota Station, TransJakarta, to many other angkot (public minibuses) and city buses. You might see several buildings don’t seem to be well maintained, it is because of the unclear ownership. But there are efforts to maintain the Kota Tua from various non-profit organizations, private institution, and urban government that want to return the heritage of Kota Tua.

Photo source: http://www.cafebatavia.com

Here you can also find many attractions from old bicycle rental in front of Fatahillah Museum, painters selling their artworks, to the people who entertain others by acting like a statue or stone man. After going around this area, you can visit Café Batavia that serves Indonesian signature dish. The restaurant had been established for two centuries. It’s truly a historical area!