TransJakarta Launch 3 Types of Their Newest Bus

TransJakarta Launch 3 Types of Their Newest Bus


PT TransJakarta has launched three types of their newest bus. they There are MetroTrans, MiniTrans, and RoyalTrans, on Monday, September 4 2017, which coincide with National Costumer Day. And what’s the different between these bus?

The design to of MetroTrans and MiniTrans are similar because using orange color. But, this two buses has different concepts. MetroTrans has low entry concept featuring fast boarding. So, when the bus stopped, the height of the bus surface can adapted, and the people with disability, old peoples, and kids can heaving easily from the bus.

Minitrans is a bus who will replaced the existence of Metro Mini in Jakarta. This bus is using medium entry concept.

In contrast with RoyalTrans, this bus earmarked for residents housing excited switch to using public transportation. This high entry bus is also having facility that will indulge passengers, as filler power mobile phone, seats that can be pulled back, till TV. Of course with more expensive costs than MetroTrans and MiniTrans are worth it with the facilities.

These bus are operating outside the bus way, but still integrated with TransJakarta bus stop.