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Transjakarta's Efforts to Prevent Corona Virus

By Isny Dewi R

04 March 2020

PT Transjakarta helped prevent the spread of COVID-19 to its buses and shelters.

In accordance with DKI Jakarta Governor Instruction number 16 of 2020 related to handling Corona virus (COVID-19) that has entered Indonesia, PT Transjakarta helped prevent the spread of COVID-19 to its buses and shelters.

This activity has been started since early February. In this case, PT Transjakarta conducted a socialization of COVID-19 prevention and treatment to bus operator partners, field officers, as well as all employees of the head office and Depo. PT Transjakarta also takes preventive measures including washing and cleaning the interior of the bus using disinfectant.

Starting Monday night (2/3), PT Transjakarta also provides hand sanitizers for customers at 80 Transjakarta bus stops. In addition, PT Transjakarta also provides officers with gloves and masks, and is active in educating and promoting virus prevention to customers through social media, and Passenger Information System at all bus stops (PIS). PT Transjakarta also prepares body temperature detection devices to ensure the implementation of necessary actions if any are detected.

PT Transjakarta also ensures special Transjakarta officers to always clean the handgrip (handle inside the bus) before departing from Depo and when customers drop off at Transjakarta's final stops by alerting COVID-19 officers and coordinating with DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Department's handling team of COVID-19. PT Transjakarta also urges customers to always maintain body endurance and cleanliness so they won’t easily exposed by the virus.

Top photo credit: Instagram @pt_transjakarta

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