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Travel Influencer You Need to Follow

By Eskanisa R

28 March 2019

Follow these travel influencer for your next holiday references.

These following Instagram accounts can be your great references for next holiday. Let’s take a look!

1. @pergidulu

photo source: Check In Jakarta.doc

You might be familiar with name of @pergidulu. Right, this Indonesian Australian couple like to share their journey through Instagram and blog. They are just a perfect destination and guide for those who want to travel around the world. Until now, Susan and Adam have visited at least 71 countries and counting also wrote 5 best-selling books. All pictures with bright, colourful tones make you hardly wait to visit those beautiful countries with your beloved ones. What makes @pergidulu even way more perfect? They share bunch travelling tips you need to note.

2. @girleatworld

photo source: Check In Jakarta.doc

This one is quite different with other travel influencers, @girleatworld capturing her moments while travelling through typical, mouth-watering snacks and desserts of countries she visited. With artistic backgrounds, informative captions, perfect filters, it is not surprising if every single of her photo has a lot of likes. If you follow @girleatworld, you won’t run out the ideas about a wide array of snacks in countries you want to visit later, Japan, India, France, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and many more.

3. @barrykusuma

photo source: Check In Jakarta.doc

Barry Kusuma is a great proof that love of your profession will lead you to perfect life. Photography and travelling became his favourite activities since college. After ups and downs as photographer, in 2010, Barry decided to make himself a full-time travel photographer. You can see the way he pampers 66,000 followers with beautiful photos through his Instagram accoount, @barrykusuma. Not only in Indonesia, but also other countries in this world that has amazing, beautiful landscape, like Greece, South Korea, Australia and many more.

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