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Traveling Through Times at Museum di Tengah Kebun

Traveling Through Times at Museum di Tengah Kebun

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Do you know that there is a museum in the middle of the urban area, Kemang? The name is Museum di Tengah Kebun. At first, the museum was a private residence of Sjahrial Djalil. But in 2009, the house that full of antiquities was ratified as a museum. It is built on a 3,500 squares meter land, as a home to thousands of historical art collection. There are masks, statues, and hundreds of million years-old tree fossil collected by the owner from his 26 times of traveling around the world. Wow! No wonder you might find unique and rare stuff here.

To enter the museum, you don’t have to pay a cent. But you must come with a group of minimum 10 people and inform the museum manager from many days before. That’s why your visit to this museum will be different than the others. It’s like you will be brought into a time tunnel, due to the great layout of the art pieces. If you love history, this place suits you!



Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No. 66, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



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