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Traveller Kaskus, Meaning Behind Every Single Trip

Traveller Kaskus, Meaning Behind Every Single Trip



Relax after a period of work or challenging yourself to enrich live experiences? There is a lot of reason to bring you out of the comfort zone, like this community that will bring you travel around the unknown places.

Start with community share their travelling story in Forum Kaskus, some travelling enthusiasts decided to travel together and make a community called as Traveller Kaskus. It aims to facilitate each travelling enthusiast get in touch, communicate as well as share information about travelling and many more.

Based on those aims, Traveller Kaskus agreed to develop their orientation, provided activities to enrich your live experiences through existent knowledge, such as Lekong Ciin (for those who loves travelling in Indonesia), Jakarta Historical Race with similar concept with The Amazing Race full of history content also Traveller Berbagi (charity activities). Let’s have some fun chat and trip with this community!