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Tricks to Do Online Marketing That Don’t Annoy Customers

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
24, March 2016

People do marketing techniques to attract customer to buy the offered products. But, sometimes people do techniques that annoy customers and make them unwilling to buy and tend to avoid it. Well, if you are an online entrepreneur, there are some ways that needs to be considered so you don’t annoy customers. Check this out!

1. Respect Customer
The first important thing you need to do is to respect customer. Of course in one side, you want your products to be popular, but on the other side you have to do it slowly. Avoid using marketing tactics that often annoy people such as remarketing, because these tactics can make your product keeps ‘haunting’ customer. You will be judged as an annoying site because you show up everywhere.

2. Have a Personalized Marketing
This technique has the least level of interference. You can personalize your marketing by knowing your customer. For example, today a customer bought a smartphone from your e-commerce site, a week later you can offer him/her a smartphone accessory or other supporting gadget such as power bank so the customer will feel you are offering a product related to the product he/she bought before and will feel like he/she will need it.

3. Balance Your Marketing Effort with Level of Interference
After you have done a series of marketing techniques, it is time to see if those techniques make customers and future customers annoyed or not. You can do that by paying attention to analytics, such as finding out why a customer left your website, or why customer unsubscribed your newsletter. You can give them other way to subscribe so you can keep in touch with your customer. The point is, analyze the level of interference so your customers won’t leave you.

4. Take Advantage of Survey
You can never go wrong with giving survey to your customers to learn their opinion about your marketing technique. By receiving feedback, you can keep up your work in order to keep your customer’s trust. Good luck!


Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono