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Simple Tricks to Sleep Better at Night

By Eskanisa R

04 Jul 2019

Simple ways to have better sleep at night.

Everyone needs sleep, besides it is important for physical health, it also helps maintain emotional health. Adult needs 7 – 9 hour sleep on average. But, a lot of them cannot have better sleep at night caused by one and other issues. Instead of getting relax body and mind, lack of sleep causes them not feeling well. So, here are simple ways to get better sleep at night you should try.

1. No Phone

During the day, blue light emitted by phone screen helps you to be able to see screen clearly right under the sun light. But, when you use your phone in the night, in a dark room, its blue lights causes eye damage. Along with that, if you are taking too long playing with your phones right before bed, it causes bad headaches. Your activities on the next day will probably disrupted because of the bad headaches.

2. Eat Good Food

To get better sleep at night, make sure you do not eat fatty foods, drink alcohol or energy drinks. Your body needs a lot of time to digest those things. It way more better if you eat food rich in protein and vitamins, such as almond, kiwi or bananas.

3. Drink Warm Water

Meanwhile many people avoid drinking water before going to bed with the excuse of they do not want to urinate at night, drinking warm water before bed helps break down your dinner more fast. It also can dissolve food that rejected by your digestive system. Along with that, a well-hydrated body can reduce stress level as well as depression.