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Trisna Husodo The Woman Behind Komma Webstore

By Miranti Devina

09 September 2015

Trisna Husodo The Woman Behind Komma Webstore

Her love for fashion is what triggers her to continue creating in fashion industry. She started to build her own clothing line that you can order online, or we often call it as an online shop. Yup, Komma Webstore is an online shop which is already a well-known, especially known by youngsters. For her, it is not only achieving a success but also the story behind it. Want to know more about Trisno Husodo? Stay tuned!

How is the story of your first step on fashion industry?
I already have interest on fashion since I was in high school. Until finally I continued college and chose to take fashion design major in Raffles Design School, Singapore. I once felt scared and unconfident because I was the only one from my high school who took this major. But because of my passion in fashion, I finally kept following what my heart wants and focusing on this major.

Why you chose the name ‘Komma’? Is there any story behind this name?
Basically, Komma is taken from the word comma (re: the comma punctuation mark). The philosophy behind it is about continuing something before there will be a dot punctuation mark. So it means we should keep creating something as long as we are healthy and we can.

What is the special characteristic of Komma’s design? What is the newest season theme from Komma?
Actually, the special characteristic of Komma is what makes people curious. So it is based on how every people can mix and match it. Which means Komma will provide and blend to anyone. Each of the designs has different twist, shape or model, material, and feeling, especially for the detail part. Detail is one of the major constructions for Komma.

Have you ever met an obstacle when you firstly run the online shop? And how can you overcome it?
Running this business can be said as both difficult and easy. Because Komma really began from a small thing. I even only made 10 models for the first collection, so it was not so hard for me to control the production and also the communication with client. But as time goes by, I learned a lot about client’s characters. Even until now, there’s still no client who complains. So I often feel hectic just for the production. Especially when the production time is near to the bazaar event I will follow.

Online shop business looks promising. But besides of getting an income, what are the other advantages you got from it?
First, you don’t need to set up a physical store that need big fund. Second, you can control the administration by yourself. Third, nowadays, social media can help people much to do shopping and also creating new entrepreneurs. So this makes the business and transaction much easier between the entrepreneurs and clients, or the sellers and buyers. Besides, with the nowadays digital era development, people don’t have to visit the stores directly to shop. They can just browse what they want to buy on the internet, make the order, pay, and then the product is ready to be sent. It saves time and energy.

Who is your favorite designer? Why do you idolize him/her?
Maison Martin Margiela. He is someone that does not like to show off about himself, but he creates many amazing creations in fashion industry. It can be said that he is my inspiration for Komma. I’m super in love with him.

Last but not least, how do you describe your daily outfit style?
Surely I like to choose the comfortable one and I will not push a style to fit me. Even though I like to follow the latest trends, but if it does not suit myself, then I don’t want to use it… or I would be more like an ondel-ondel with it.. hahaha..

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