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Tropik, the Legendary Ice Cream Shop in Pasar Baru

By Isny Dewi R

25 February 2020

Tropik restaurant that has been established since 1950s.

In Jakarta there are many food stalls that have existed since so many years ago. One of them is located in Pasar Baru area, Central Jakarta, it is Tropik restaurant that has been established since 1950s.

To visit Tropik ice cream shop and restaurant, you can simply look for a building flanked by Sushila Hijab and Accessories and Bombay Textile stores. This ice cream shop is also facing directly with Tonnico Textile Tailor.

The front of the restaurant in Pasar Baru is dominated by light blue. Once inside, you will be greeted with an interior that creates a cool impression with the dominance of white, brown and orange.

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The most popular thing about this restaurant is the ice cream menu which is homemade ice cream. Comes with 16 choices of flavors, the price offered for a portion of Tropic ice cream is quite affordable, starting from Rp. 23,000 to Rp. 47,000. For the lowest price, are milk and green teaice cream. As for the most expensive ice cream is a variant of fruit ice cream and banana flavor.

If you are confused about what flavor ice cream to choose, just choose chocolate ice cream for Rp. 25,000. Tropik also provides a free glass of water for visitors who order ice cream. This ice cream is served in a silver bowl containing a scoop of chocolate ice cream. The ice cream is sprinkled with small pieces of beans.

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The taste of the ice cream is very distinctive and different from the branded ice cream that you usually bought at mini market. The texture is rather thick, so it doesn't melt easily. While the sprinkling of the beans tastes sweet and savory. For ice cream fans, you should come to Tropik Pasar Baru!

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Toko Es Krim dan Restoran Tropik
Jl. Pasar Baru No.28A, Ps. Baru, Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat

Open Hours:

Senin – Sabtu: 10:30 – 20:00 WIB, Minggu: 10.30 – 16:00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: (021) 3457474