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Try Painless Facial at Click House

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11, September 2019


Many women are still reluctant to do facial treatment because of the pain. This is not wrong, because there are still many beauty clinics that offer facial treatments with the risk of pain during the process of removing acne and squeezed blackheads.

However, now you don’t need to be afraid anymore, because now you can find beauty clinics that offer painless facial. One of them that you should try is Click House. Located in the Melawai area, South Jakarta, this beauty clinic offers Signature Modern Facial, a type of modern facial without squeezing blackheads and acne, but uses light energy that is converted into heat energy to stimulate collagen to make skin healthier, smoother and tighter.

Click House The Beauty itself consists of three floors with a choice of sharing and VIP rooms. If you choose treatment in the VIP room, then only you in the room doing treatment and there’s no other patient.

Before doing treatment, there will be a question and answer session first to find out your face condition. Usually, the therapist will ask if you are menstruating, use night cream, have skin allergies or not. After that, you will be asked to wait.

After that, you will be asked to lie on the bed. At first, therapy will cleanse your face using milk cleanser to clean up your makeup remnants. Then, the dirt remnants will removed using cotton. Afterward, the therapist will cleanse your face using face wash.

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Facial cleansing is followed by using a special scrub for acne-prone skin. The last stage of facial cleansing uses facial toner which gives a fresh feeling with a relaxing aroma. All cleaning products are specially formulated by Click House which is divided for normal and acne-prone skin.

Then, your face will be evaporated using a facial steamer so that your face pores open and start lifting blackheads with special tools. The shape of this tool has a small head tip and is able to suck up small blackheads all over the face with no pain. By painstaking and thorough, the therapist suck up the area of your face where there are many blackheads, such as on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead area. It only took about five minutes, until finally all the blackheads on your face lifted up.

Signature Modern Facial is only priced at Rp 250 thousand for one treatment. If you come with a friend or your partner, the price will be Rp 400 thousand for both of you for one treatment. Signature Modern Facial is good for you who want to clean your face thoroughly, especially lifting stubborn blackheads without pain. And if you have allergic skin, be sure to consult with a doctor at Click House who is always ready to help you.

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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.