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Try Spicy Tasty Manado Cuisine at Restoran Beautika

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
08, January 2018

We all know one of the best spicy Indonesian food comes from Manado. There is the reason why people love Manado food. We can easily find Manado restaurant in other cities, like Jakarta. One of the most popular Manado restaurants in Jakarta is Restoran Beautika.

The things you need to know before come to Beautika is a clear expectation of quick-service for customers. Food display rack make your choice easier, you can see and choose food a lot of tempting Manado food.

The concept itself is an intermediate concept between fast food and casual dining, but the food freshness is pretty guaranteed. The whole food at Restaurant Beautika made by homemade recipe and best ingredients.

There are more than 70 variety of foods you can taste here, from sweets like cakes, heavy main course, and drinks. Prepare yourself to taste their definition of spicy food. You can easily know the level of spiciness for each food, they give name and symbol on it. When they are using only two chilies, it categorized for medium spicy, while it is threr, it must be very spicy.

If you are still unfamiliar with Manado food, you should try their Ikan Cakalang Cabe Rica with medium spicy level. Cakalang fish is considered as part of the tuna family called skipjack tuna, its spiciness get into the meat. And another menu you should try is Ayam Rabe with Dabu-Dabu sambal.

The portion is quite large, some of them can be share with three to four people. You can either the big one or half portion when you feel not so hungry. Try some Manado snacks at the same time, or you can pick them up as home snacks. Kuekuk Merah, Onbeykuk, Kacang Nogat, Bobengka, Brudel, Apang Putih, and Apang Merah are must try items.

Even their employees are Manadonese, too. So, if you are a part of Manadonese, you can speak Manado here when you order food with their employees. There because of their natural desire for consistency to serve Manado food, Restoran Beautika got outstanding award for “Restaurant Service Traditional Dining” from DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.