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Try the New Rides at Dunia Kartun Dufan!

By Isny Dewi R

05 Jul 2019

7 new rides at Dunia Kartun Dufan.

Dunia Fantasi or Dufan is still one of the most favourited tourist destinations in Jakarta. With the many exciting rides offered, it is not surprising if Dufan is so liked by many Jakartans. Moreover, now Dufan has Dunia Kartun with seven new rides in it. Of course it’ll be so much fun to have vacation here.

Dunia Kartun occupies an area of ​​three hectares which is connected to Dufan's new entrance. This area is very popular because it is packed with characters that are very unique, funny and colourful. The design of the buildings are made to resemble cartoon characters. Very interesting to be used as your photo background. But the most interesting are seven new game rides that are worth a try. What are they?


Photo Source: @infodufan 

First in Asia, BALING-BALING is for adults. Because the ride has a height of 30 meters which is guaranteed will boost your adrenaline. The ride will swing and rotate up to 360º. With a capacity of 30 people, BALING-BALING is equipped with two shafts where one shaft will rotate six propellers and one more shaft will rotate in each propeller.

The ride which is more intended for children gives a sensation like flying and can be occupied by two people. PARALAYANG is equipped with security, so parents do not need to worry because they can’t accompany their children when trying out this ride.


Photo Source: @infodufan

The ride is also devoted to children with a floating sensation like waves in the air with a 360º movement. KARAVEL has a capacity of 24 people.

As the name implies, KOLIBRI will bring children and families fly like hummingbirds. This ride combines Dunia Kartun visual which is driven by passengers by ride that can rotate 360º and up and down movements slowly. KOLIBRI has a capacity of 28 people.


Photo Source: @infodufan

The ride is almost like a Hysteria, but it is lower and can be enjoyed by all ages including children. TURBO DROP with a capacity of eight people will make visitors feel like they are hit very fast. The sensation obtained will be very pleasant but still safe for all ages.

ZIG ZAG is a ride for family consisting of several cars with electric power. The ride is played by directing the car to avoid other cars. The ride capacity is 20 cars / 40 people with an hourly capacity of 685 people.

Wave swinger (ONTANG-ANTING) is one of the popular rides in Dufan for children and teenagers. The ride rotates 360º in a clockwise direction that makes visitors feel like they are floating in the air. NEW ONTANG-ANTING has a capacity of 56 seats,

Photo Source: @infodufan

If you are interested, you can purchase Dufan Annual Pass at Rp 325,000 from 30 May to 31 July 2019. There are many benefits that you can get with the Annual Pass Dufan, including:

1. Free to Dufan one year
2. Can enjoy nine new Dufan rides, both at Dunia Kartun area, and those that will be launch at the end of 2019.
3. No need to queue at the counter
4. 20% discount at Segarra and 10% at Bandar Djakarta
5. 20% discount to Bidadari Island Resort
6. 20% discount on F & B Dufan (Dekko 1, Dekko 2, Basoka, O Shake, Gorilla, and Potato Day).


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