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Try the New Workout with Freeletics Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

05 January 2018

With Freeletics Jakarta, you can get your own body goals on a short time.

Do you want to have an ideal body on a short time? Then, freeletics is what you should do. Later this year, freeletics starts become one of favorites workout in a few cities, include Jakarta. No wonder if many people love to do this workout, it's because you can have what we called body goals on a short time.

The people that first time introducing freeletics are Andrej Matijczak, Joshua Cornelius, and Mehmet Yilmaz, in Germany, on 2013.

In Indonesia, freeletics starts become popular because of Instagram. Indonesian musician, Andien Aisyah is one of them who loves to do freeletics. With her friends, Opaz, Ippe, and Kris, they made a community called Freeletics Jakarta on February 2014.

Basicly, freeletics is a workout that use your weight and you can do this alone or with your team, everywhere. It is better if you do it for 15 to 60 minutes.

Freeletics consists of some different moves in each training, they are intension workout, training plans, and combination of intension workout and training plans.

Still don't get it? You can do some moves, such  as push-up, sit-up, plank, leg lever, squat, jumping jack, and burpees. Sounds easy, right? But on freeletics, you have to focus on accuracy and repetition.

If you are interested doing this with Freeletics Jakarta community, you can join them on their routine activity, Sweat Camp which held at Taman Kerinci, South Jakarta, every once a week, starts from 08.00 WIB.

Everyone can joined and it is free. On Sweat Camp, every new comer will be asked about their health background by the instructure. If you ever got injury, then you will asked to not doing some moves.

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