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Try These 8 Business Opportunities in Ramadhan Month!

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03, May 2016

In less than a month, we will welcome Ramadhan month. Besides praying and collecting merit in this graceful month, you can also grab your fortune by opening these 8 kinds of business. Well, you can still take your time to collect funding before the holy month comes. What are the businesses? Check it out below!

1. Suhur Catering
This business will ripe the fortune in the boarding house area of college students or office workers, or a certain residence that located far from restaurants. You can spread your business flyer first, but make sure you include the food menu and your contact such as WhatsApp number, Line ID, or Blackberry Messenger pin. You can also use social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote it. If you don’t want to be busy on cooking the food by yourself, you can cooperate with your frequent restaurant. Simple and practical, right?

2. Takjil Food and Beverages
Takjil (light meals for break fasting) from fresh beverages such as fruit ice and coconut ice, to the warm and sweet ones like Kolak and Bubur Sumsum are the most favorite. Not only the sweets, light meals such as fritters, siew may, batagor (Indonesian fried meatballs and tofu dough served with peanut sauce) will also be loved by many people. Moreover, for the ones who are on their way and need to break their fast at the moment. Selling dates for a month stock can also be the business choice. But make sure you choose the right supplier.

3. Cookies and Eid Al-Fitr Parcel
A big family gathering will make people want to give souvenirs for the family members, or for the celebration greeting for the boss at work. This is the time for you to sell the well-known Eid Al-Fitr cookies such as Nastar, Kastaengel, Cheese Sago, Putri Salju, or innovating with new flavors. Also with parcels, from the beautiful rack of food products to porcelain dining ware can also be an interesting parcel.

4. Delivery Service
When the moments of suhur catering or parcel giving are happened, this is the time when people need a delivery service, right? Your big families may also need it to deliver cakes for the neighbors. To make it prosperous, you can fix the price per area range first so the business can go as smooth and professionally.

5. Moslem Clothing & Praying Equipment
People tend to look for new clothes to welcome Eid Al-Fitr. That’s why Moslem clothing can be a promising business in Ramadhan month. You can also sell it online with dropship system if you want to minimalize the production cost. Besides, Moslem praying equipment such as sarong, peci (Moslem men’s hat), mukena (cloak covering a woman’s head and body worn when praying), sajadah (Moslem praying mat), Al Qur’an, and tasbeeh will also what Moslem people look for this month.

6. Housemaid and Baby Sitter Agency
Not all the families will go mudik (going to their hometown when Eid Al-Fitr), while their housemaid who always takes care of the household needs can go mudik to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr with their families. This is the time for you to be the housemaid or baby sitter agency for temporarily. There is still time for you to recruit someone who are willing to be the housemaid or baby sitter, and also qualified to finish the household jobs perfectly.

7. Transportation Service
The biggest mudik traffic for each year occurs in Eid Al-Fitr. People tend to book tickets from weeks before to go to their hometown. That’s why ticketing service business will be fortunate this month. But some people are late to book the bus or train tickets. To make this as a business opportunity, you can cooperate with tour bus and run a mudik travel trip to certain locations. You can also provide car or motorcycle rental that can be used for your big families’ needs to visit other relatives.

8. Gadget Selling
Believe it or not, the market request of gadget increases this month. This can happen because some people tend to want to be different when they go back to their hometown. To support this euphoria, of course you need a capital fund and you should know where to sell it. For example, you can sell it to the well-known online shops in Indonesia. Good luck and be optimistic for the business!


Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina