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Try These Kardashian Business Tips to Earn Extra Money

By Eskanisa R

10 December 2019

Easy business tips from Kardashian - Jenner family to earn extra money.

You might be familiar with name of Kardashian – Jenner clan. Yap, one of most successful celebrity families, Kardashian – Jenner clan is not only has popularity, but also successfully reap profits from businesses they run. What makes them success?

1. Social Media Savvy

The ability of Kardashian – Jenner clan using various platforms deserves big thumbs up. They are able to use various social media to promote their businesses. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter of YouTube, they are actively using all of them to promote, embrace followers as well as gaining brand awareness.

You can also try this simple step to promote your business. Create schedule to upload your content on social media, so you can create quality content to avoid put same content in every uploading.

2. Interactive Content

Speaking about social media still, Kardashian – Jenner clan considers consumers as fans. That is why in almost social media of members of Kardashian – Jenner clan always wrapped in interactive content that connects them with followers (consumers as well as fans). In this case, you can apply the exact, same step by making interactive captions in each uploading photo or video. People tend to be interested in unique caption style. 

3. Products

During the interview with Fortune, Kylie Jenner said her family (Kardashian – Jenner) did not sell something they themselves did not want to use. In this case, you can see the great initial concept of Kardashian – Jenner clan in their businesses is promoting products they actually like and use in daily basis. By selling or promoting products you always use, you can more flexible describing advantages and disadvantages of those products to ensure consumers buy products you offer.



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