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Try This Authentic Taiwanese Boba

By Eskanisa R

18 August 2020

You might get addicted to this perfect amount of sweetness.

Photo source: Rosalind Chang - Unsplash
Until now, bubble tea still becomes a global phenomenon among foodies. Since first introduced in Taiwan in the 1980s, boba also known as zenzhu naicha rapidly growing to appeal to all consumers—young and adults to enjoy the delicious combinations of milk, tea, and tapioca balls.
In Indonesia itself, there are a countless number of bubble tea outlets including this authentic Taiwanese brand you can easily find at Central Park, Diagon Alley. To appeal as well as pamper taste buds of all boba enthusiasts, they offering best seller choices including Brown Sugar Milk, Brown Sugar Matcha Milk, Brown Sugar Cheesy Milk and Garden Milk Tea for Rp35.000 to Rp47.000 per serving.

Photo source: Diagon Alley
For those who like creamy sweet bubble tea, Brown Sugar Milk is definitely the right choice. Using only quality ingredients—natural brown sugar and fresh milk instead of creamer, the result is a rich, creamy, and sweet iced tea with chewy tapioca pearls (boba) on top. This one is guaranteed to be addictive.
Furthermore, for any savory tooth, try the Brown Sugar Cheesy Milk with the savory taste of burnt salted caramel on top of creamy cheese foam. The savory, creamy, sweet, and chewy taste in every single sip must be delicious. Ensure to enjoy your boba within 30 minutes after purchasing for the fresh delicious taste. Diagon Alley is also available on GrabFood. Go grab yours now!

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