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Try This Verified Anonymous Discussion Forum

By Eskanisa R

24 September 2020

Be wise using social media even you are going completely anonymous.

Photo source: Pixabay

As you might have heard the role of social media plays in mental health. Excessive use of social media can fuel anxiety, depression and other mental health. But we all know, we are big fans of social media as coping mechanism.
Reported by Forbes in 2018, there is a tendency for people to frequently attempt comparing themselves with others which have more than what they have—money, looks, and so forth. Hence, they experience the negative feelings of low self-esteem that can lead to persistent of sadness, depression, anxiety and shame while using social media.
That might be the reason why Instagram decided to hide number of likes to get users focus on sharing the things instead of measure how many likes a post will receive. FOMO also exists as a new different platform to share.
FOMO is a professional discussion forum to share information where they are going 100 percent anonym. In other words, identity of users will not visible on the forum to ensure they can express opinions, speak out the ideas or seek the answers of unsolved questions without fear of other judgements.
This forum demands objectivity honesty above and beyond opinions and ideas. Simply because each users have equal rights to express their thoughts. This also perfect for those who have sensitive topics to talk about. Besides participating in on-going discussion, FOMO has direct message feature to making more personal interaction and section to find job vacancy form vary reliable resources. This application available on App Store and Google Play Store for free.

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