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Try Vampire Treatment at The Aesthetics Skin

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08, May 2019

Today most women feel that take care of their skin and body is a necessity. They are used to visiting beauty clinics to consult with the expert and get the best treatment. It's not easy to find the best beauty clinic. But at The Aesthetics Skin Clinic, you are sure to get the best.

This beauty clinic has been around since 2012 and already has 12 branches throughout Indonesia. The Aesthetics offers a fairly complete treatment, from head to toe. This was agreed by Dr. Ariana Suryadewi who is also the founder of The Aesthetics Skin Clinic. Besides face treatment, this beauty clinic also provides various treatments that can be selected as needed. Starting from slimming, hair removal, back peeling, and much more.

Since 2012, The Aesthetics Skin Clinic already has PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Treatment, and this is one of the favorite treatments for visitors. Maybe you've ever heard about the vampire treatment that Kim Kardashian did, which had shocked social media. That is PRP treatment. This treatment offers quite a lot of benefits, such as removes scars, stimulates collagen, makes the skin firmer, brighter, and better in texture.

Usually visitors aged 30 years and more will choose PRP Treatment to feel the benefits of anti-aging, while the age of 20s is for removing acne scars. Although many people like this treatment, Dr. Ariani said that not everyone can get it. Many visitors want to do PRP treatment but have active or inflamed acnes. Well, if it is clear, it should not be, and will be directed to choose other treatments that are ideal and safe.

For acne prone skin, one of the recommended treatments is IPL Acne Treatment with a duration of about 40-45 minutes. The principle of IPL is treatment using light waves. Initially the skin is cleaned first, then your skin will be smeared with a gel as a conduit. 420 nanometer beam is used for acne prone skin. The function is to kill the bacteria that cause acne, reduce oil production, and make acnes dry faster.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.