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When History Meets Food

When History Meets Food

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Want to have an extraordinary dining experience in an antique building was ever used as the Central Jakarta’s Immigration Office? Decorated luxuriously, the building is now used as a restaurant and an art gallery with the name of Tugu Kunstkring Paleis. When you first arrive here, you will be impressed by the luxury of this sturdy old building. This restaurant brings out a historical theme not only for the building, but also for the foods they offer.

Tugu Kunstkring Paleis is a fine dining restaurant offering Indonesian signature dish with strong heritage. For example, Betawi Rijstaffel. In Dutch language, rijstaffel means rice table. So this is a rice dish served with many kinds of side dishes, or known as Nasi Rames (nasi: rice) in Indonesia. In the Dutch colonialism era, rijstaffel was served by The Landlord to honor and welcome their guest. This dish started to be popular in 1910. But if you try the Kunstkring’s rijstaffel, it has the Kunstkring’s own signature taste that you will not find in any other place since it is made with their original recipe.

You can also enjoy other Indonesian heritage menu, such as Asam Asam Iga, Rundvless Empal Van Mevrouw Lim, Nasi Goreng Nonja Old Recipe, Nonja Lemongrass Satay, Sayur Gambas Udang, and many more. You will also meet Dutch and Western cuisine, such as Dutch Style Breakfast, Mushroom Cappuccino with Smoked Duck Breast, Salad of Quails with Mache in Raspberry Hazelnut Vinaigrette, Hollandsche Kroket, and Escargots in Champagne with Hazelnut-Chartreuse Butter. Tugu Kunstkring Paleis is a very recommended place to eat!


Jl Teuku Umar no 1, Menteng


+62 21 3900899

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11.00 - 23.00 WIB