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Two Creative Designers Behind Danjyo Hiyoji

Two Creative Designers Behind Danjyo Hiyoji


Fashion industry evolves so fast in Indonesia. Moreover, with the nowadays youngsters that start to add more colors on our nation’s catwalk stage. One of them is Danjyo Hiyoji. Behind this local clothing line, there are two designers that always pour their fresh, unique, creative, innovative, and out of the box ideas. This is Check In Jakarta’s interview with the two designers behind Danjyo Hiyoji, Liza Mashita and Dana Maulana. Check this out!

Since when do you fall in love with fashion? What do you like from fashion?

Liza: Since I was small, I love to collect knick-knacks and then made it into accessories. Besides, I also like to make up my cousins, including be their personal shopper when they shop together, hehehe. And then, my passion to fashion has developed when I was in senior high school. I started to make my own clothes and apparently my family and friends liked the clothes I made myself. Finally, in 2001, I decided to focus on fashion world and built Danjyo Hiyoji with Dana and team.

Dana: Liza and I are best friends since we were in junior high school. Accidentally, we were on the same school and we both liked fashion. So it can be said that we’re ‘connected’. Sometimes we like the same objects, even we ever exchanged stuff. That’s why Danjyo made, which the name was taken from Japanese language which means woman and man. Because our creations can be worn by women and also men (androgyny). The things I love from fashion is it’s dynamic and always changes. I’m sort of a person that can be bored easily. It can be said that fashion for me is a place to pour my creativity and also overcome my boredom.

Could you please tell us about the newest collection of Danjyo Hiyoji?

Liza: Our newest collection is called Capsule Collection Bambaataa Extended. This collection is inspired by African colorful tribal print and combined with the DNA of Danjyo Hiyoji itself. Overall, it is still dominated with black color but now it’s combined with pop-up colors.

Dana: And in overall look, we still focus with Asian street wear style. Apparently, when the sample is done, the result is interesting and wearable. This is our final purpose.

What makes you inspired and always produce unique creations?

Liza: I’m not an easily satisfied person. I don’t want my creativity to be died, so to prevent it, after I make one collection, I tend to make my next collection. Through this way, my creativity will sharpen continuously.

Dana: With the different ideas popped up, it will maximize the creativity itself. So for us, there should be an argumentation and a contrary. If there aren’t, we cannot create something that can be enjoyed by other people.

You both are on the same team. Of course two heads will produce different ideas. Then, how do you put those ideas and creations into the same place (Danjyo Hiyoji)?

Liza: Actually, Danjyo Hiyoji is not only me and Dana. We are just the front liners. But behind those all, we have a solid team. Starts from creative process to production, we always involve our team. And each of them contribute their ideas until finally a collection is made. For the challenge, do you have an idea, Dan?

Dana: Well, the challenge is when we make the sample because it needs process and takes long time. The producing process should be done repeatedly, for the suit material, print size, and also the stitch quality.

Last but not least, can you share a little spoiler of your next collection? 

Liza: Oh, actually the spoiler is already launched. Can see by our collaboration with Nissan March Invashion: click on this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wUQD4vCp2Q). We are chosen to be the brand ambassador of Nissan March and also judges for Invashion Competition. For the complete newest collection will be launched in March 2016. Our next collection is named Paradiso, taken from The Beauty of Indonesia. This Paradiso Collection is divided into three big themes from the collaboration between Danjyo Hiyoji with Nissan March Invashion, which is Nature, The Bird of Paradise, and Urban.

Dana: For this one collection, we should make three different themes which should have a same result. This is our first time to get a challenge like this. We hope the result can come as we expect, hehehe.