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Two Must Order Menu at Ramen 38

Two Must Order Menu at Ramen 38

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Ramen is one of the types of Japanese noodle and also a favorite menu in its origin country and also Indonesia. Here you can find various ramen which cooked and served differently. But there is one favorite menu and a must order when you visit Ramen 38 (re: Ramen Sanpachi). What is it? Jigoku Ramen. As the name, Jigoku means hell in Japanese.

That is why Jigoku Ramen is made spicy. The level of spiciness can also be specified to your taste starting from level one and up until unlimited! The spicier the level, the more it will taste like “hell”. Jigoku Ramen is served with selected beef, seaweed, mushroom, and of course the spicy broth. If you want to taste the spiciness of the ramen, try to order the level 5 to above. Hmm… Yummy!

Besides ramen, Gyoza is also one of the must order menu when you visit this place. Gyoza is a dumpling, it looks like boiled dumpling stuffed with chopped shrimp, chicken, garlic, and spring onion. It is best to dip it into soyu (Japanese soy sauce) and togarashi (Japanese chili powder) when you eat it. Amazing!

You can say Gyoza at Ramen 38 has an authentic taste. If you are starving and want to eat ramen and gyoza at once, you can order Jigoku Teishoku, which consists of Jigoku Ramen, Cha Han (Japanese fried rice) in mini size, and 4 pieces of Gyoza. It is guaranteed you will be satisfied!


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