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Types of People in WhatsApp Groups

By Isny Dewi R

17 September 2020

Types of people in WhatsApp group.

Photo source: Pixabay
Those of you who usually use WhatsApp as a means of communication must have WhatsApp groups, some even have a lot of them. The topics discussed can vary, depending on the group, such as office group, family, school friends, to community group.
Because it contains many people, of course there are some types and characteristics in it. The following are examples of the types of people in WhatsApp group, which one are you?
1. The One who Likes to Send Memes
This member usually liven up the group the most because they often send funny memes. Usually, people like this don't talk much in the group, and prefer to joke around.
2. Silent Reader
As the name suggests, this member almost never joins the chat in the group or just keeps quiet. Even so, usually they never missed any single message in the group and always read it.
3. The One who Often Send Messages
Member like this is usually the most active people in the group. They are the person who most often open the chat in the group, such as asking about other members’ life or inviting to gathering. Not to forget, this type of member also almost always reply to other members’ messages.
4. Share Info
There are also those who like to share information about anything, from health information to vehicle raids. Not infrequently, members like this are also a bit annoying because they share unproven information or hoaxes.
5. The One who Always Missed Info
This type of member is usually because they already have too many WhatsApp groups so they often miss info. For example, if one of their groups is planning a vacation, they find out about it late because they are busy with other WhatsApp groups. So, which type are you in?

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