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Uber New Method of Transportation

Uber New Method of Transportation


Uber Technologies Inc., or simply known as Uber, is a transportation company based on San Franscisco. Since 2004, it has been operated in Jakarta, along with other transportation companies. For those who are still not familiar, Uber price rate is calculated by minute.

It is IDR 300 per minute and IDR 2,000 per kilometres. One thing that differs it to other public transportation services like taxis is that you can’t stop it by the street. To use the service you need to order from the application on your smartphone. Once you ordered, the driver will let you know the car’s license plate. After the license plate check comes, you can ask for a destination to go.

An interesting point of Uber is its cashless payment method. It uses credit card and is online, not by swiping the card directly to a machine. This is one of the requirements they ask when you register—you will be asked for your credit card numbers.

Unless if you want to give an extra tip for the driver. Receipt will be sent to your email once you get out of the car. Invoice service is also available for reimburse from company.

Few months ago, Uber had stopped to operate for awhile in Jakarta related to its permit, as also for the demonstration movement from competitors. However loyal customers still prefer using Uber because of its comfortable and convenient aspects. Uber has two kinds of services: UberX and UberBLACK. UberX is using standard cars such as Avanza, Xenia, Livina or APV. While UberBLACK is a premium one, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Alphard and Camry. It’s classy! So for you who need a convenient public transportation service, Uber is worth to try.