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Understand How to Write More Persuasive Marketing Email

Understand How to Write More Persuasive Marketing Email


Business communication becomes even easier through emails because it doesn’t cost much, especially if you use the email as your marketing platform. Marketing emails are definitely cheaper than printing brochures or banners. This is also considered more effective and efficient because they are more targeted and measured. That is why you must understand how to write more interesting and persuasive marketing emails. Check these out!

1. Know Your Audiences 
Before introducing your product to your audience, know them first. By getting to know your audiences, you won’t get trouble on deciding the right content to deliver to your target market. Knowing your audience is the foundation of a marketing email.

2. Put Reviews of your Product 
In marketing, product review is very important to ensure your next customer, especially for those who had never heard of your product before. For this, put the review of your product on the email. This is vital to gain your audience’s trust.

3. Make Question Sentence 
Make question sentence in your email to build a two-way communication. Don’t always ask though, but give the necessary question that can make your audience question themselves. Give questions that will make your audience agree with you so your next statement can be more reassuring.

4. Give Strong Solution
Offer your product to be the right solution for your audience’ problems. But in order to do so, know what are their problems that can have your product as the right solution. Create a strong emotion from your sentences on the email. By giving a solution to a problem, your email can be a persuasion for the audience to make a buying decision.

5. Do Not Insist
At the end of the day, after trying to offer your product to audiences, do not force them to say “Yes” to your product. Give the decision to them. Avoid using aggressive sentences in your email. Do not push the audience to make them obey. As an option, you can use the word “All decisions are on your hand,” because research says the use of that sentence can double the possibilities for someone to say “Yes”. Good luck on trying!