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Unfinished Industrial Ambience of Coffee Smith

Unfinished Industrial Ambience of Coffee Smith

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Coffee Smith attracted coffee addicts with their coffee brewed by one of the owner also barista, who won Indonesia Barista Championship 2018. It successfully pampered their taste buds.

This two-storey building also used as room roaster, all beans are stored and roasted into highest quality fresh products. As you walk by and open doors, you will get sudden bursts of coffee scents as well as their friendly barista.

The brewing are either done by filter or drip, espresso, coffee latte also mochaccino. Their famous latte offering perfect mix between coffee and milk, both complete each other, like piccolo latte. Another temptation you shouldn’t miss is long black Arjuna. Served warm, approximately 70 Celsius degree, just as blackened toast dominated with acidic taste but not too bitter.

They also offering tasty dishes for all your coffee needs, such as Banana Caramel, Triple Choco Muffin, Rubbed Chicken Steak or BBQ Beef Burger with Fries and Salad. Where are you off to this afternoon? Let’s try Coffee Smith!



Jl. Duren Tiga Raya No. 19, Kav. 5, Jakarta Selatan 12760



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