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Using TikTok to Promote Your Business

By Eskanisa R

21 October 2020

Simple ways to attract more customers.

Photo source: Pixabay
First developed as Douyin, this No. 1 free app re-launched for international market within the new name TikTok. For three years after re-launched, TikTok grew into a wildly popular platform.
This platform encourages users to create short video with music, filters, and some other features. Inside the rise of TikTok, the exciting content, singing, lip synching to music videos, makeup tutorials, dancing to cooking recipes are easily to be discovered by its users.
Hence, this also a-live-streaming option help improve marketers to advertise their brands. Using TikTok for marketing is actually simple as you think. There are at least three key options for promotion as listed down below.

1. User Characteristics
If you decide to do TikTok marketing, users must be in your business’s target audience. TikTok definitely can drive brand awareness to increase reach among TikTokers (TikTok users), but where is your target group most engaged? TikTok is where teenagers aged 16 – 24 spend their time to explore new things.

2. Hashtags
TikTok relies on hashtags to help users share and find content about topics that interest them. You need to know related hashtags to strategically advertise your brands or services. You can also make a unique hashtag to further promote. One thing to note is using popular hashtags is not always the best strategy for promoting, hence the right hashtags help put you in front of your target audience. Ensure to use #fyp for any content you upload in hopes your content will make it onto other users’ page.

3. Creative
To increase reach, prepare at least two content (videos) each day with diverse yet relevant topics and hashtags with brands you offer. Explore Effects feature; trending, editing, beauty, interactive and so forth to improve the quality of your videos. 

Within a minute video, ensure your content contains short yet clear descriptions to be easily found by other users. Moreover, create a relationship with prospective customer by leaving comments as much as possible. It simply because your brands lives in everyday conversation to help develop your brand images. 

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