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A Bar Wrapped in Elegancy

A Bar Wrapped in Elegancy

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The most enjoyable way to end your hectic day is to free yourself in a comfy place full of entertaining sensation. And you can find such place at Vin+ Wine and Beyond. Just by its name, you can guess that Vin+ has a specialty of serving the best wine from many countries in the world. The word “beyond” which means “surpassing”, exactly represents its wine quality and its other menu, completed with a nice ambience of the place.

All of Vin+ branches have its different interior and schedule. When you come to Vin+ in Kemang, you will find a store with a display full of alcoholic beverages from many countries. Then you will find a separated room with sofa, chair, table, and bar, with small stage for live music. But on Vin+ in Senayan, you will find a smaller wine warehouse and a larger dining room.

Like we told you before, Vin+ is not only having wine to tempt you, but also the meal menu. From lunch, dinner, heavy meal to light meal, all of them are worth to try. These menus are a fusion from American, French, and Italian. Overall, although Vin+ is classified as bar, it still keeps its elegant touch for its interior and menu.


Kemang Raya No. 45 B, Kemang, Jakarta


(021) 71792577

Operational Hours

Senin-Minggu 10.00-01.00 WIB