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Vineth Bakery Serves European Bread and Cakes for More Than 40 Years

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20, January 2020

Looking for bakeries in Jakarta is very easy, because it is spread almost all over the city. Ranging from home bakeries to those in shopping centers. But do you know there is a bakery that have been selling for almost 43 years? If not, then you should take your time to stop by this legendary bakery. Why? Because the bread here tastes so good!

Founded in 1977, until now Vineth Bakery has remained faithful in processing and selling European breads and cakes. The bakery owned by culinary expert William Wongso is now managed by her daughter, Tia Wongso. Vineth Bakery specializes in processing and selling German and French bread and cakes. But there are also popular Indonesian breads and cakes, but not many in number.

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Entering this bakery, you will see for yourself that most of the breads and cakes are indeed European breads and cakes, such as croissants, apple pie, danish pastry, vanilla fla horn, berliner, vol au vent, zwe scweizer, kraftkorn, brotchen, etc.

When pioneering this bakery, William learned to France and Germany to learn how to process breads and cakes there. Bread and cakes at Vineth Bakery itself are processed using authentic recipes with a slight modification according to temperature and climate in Indonesia.

In order to preserve the taste and quality, this bakery in Panglima Polim always uses premium ingredients. One of them is by using imported butter which gives a fragrant aroma, and a better taste.

Photo Credit: Instagram @tasteit.likeit.loveit

In addition to bread, Vineth Bakery also sells a classic cake that has existed since the 1980s, it is Japonaise Ice Cream Cake. This cake is processed using 100% milk, with caramel mocha flavor, and served with additional almond meringue and chopped almonds. Another classic Vineth Bakery cake that you should try is Black Forest, which never loses its fans.

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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.