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Wahyoo Helps Warteg Owner Develop Their Business

By Isny Dewi R

01 Jul 2019

Wahyoo helped develop traditional food stalls.

Warteg, one of the most popular types of food stalls and favourites from students to office workers. This is because the price is very friendly and it has many choices of side dishes. Although it is very popular, there are also some people who don’t like to eat at warteg for some reasons, starting from a messy and uncomfortable place, to the fear of unhygienic food. But these problems can be solved thanks to a start-up named Wahyoo.

Wahyoo helped develop traditional food stalls so that they’re not inferior to the current cafes or restaurants and attracted people to visit theirs. Founded by Peter Shearer, a businessman who has long been in the world of technology, Wahyoo concept has actually been around for two years. Peter himself has gone directly to the regional wartegs in Jakarta to see what are the difficulties that are often faced by the owner, while looking for the solution.

Through Wahyoo, Peter wants to see the potential of warteg if it has been advanced, because most of wartegs are still very conventional even though some have been selling for decades. Wartegs who are members of Wahyoo get standardization such as cleanliness, hygienic food, and warteg walls painted in bright yellow to make comfort for visitors. Warteg also looks better and professionally standardized by Wahyoo.

Wahyoo also integrates Warteg with their technology through an app. Wahyoo application can help warteg owners manage their warteg like ordering daily necessities and buying food raw materials without bothering. To make it easier for Warteg owners to operate Wahyoo app, the app interface is made very simple.

Warteg customers can also use Wahyoo app as a centre of loyalty. The more customers transact on warteg who are Wahyoo members, the greater the loyalty points they get. These points can later be exchanged for items. 

Warteg will also get additional income by working with companies through Wahyoo. The company will place products and advertise their products on the regional telephone and the warteg manager will get 60% by the value of cooperation.

Some brands that have sold their products on Wahyoo include Redoxon, Happy Tos, and Teh Pucuk Harum. In addition to big companies, there are also SMEs that sell their products in Wahyoo's warteg. If the financial transactions in warteg are smooth, warteg owner can even apply for a micro loan to Wahyoo with a system that is not burdensome. Warteg owners will also receive training from Wahyoo, such as financial management and the importance of cleanliness.