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Want to Be More Confident? Follow The 7 Steps Here!

Want to Be More Confident? Follow The 7 Steps Here!


Confidence is an important factor that you need to have when facing a job interview or meeting with client. According to the director of Global Hays Talent Solutions Susie Timlin, confident people will thrive in the working environment. Check out the 7 steps below to gain your confidence!

1. Fake It Until You Make It
If you consider yourself not as an unconfident person, pretend to be one. Trust me, even when you are faking it, you already look confident. By getting used to this, your confidence will build up slowly but surely.

2. Communicating Clearly
Most people thought that confidence is seen when someone is certain with what they are talking about. But it’s not always like that. It depends on how people react to it. So communicate clearly, with a steady pace and easy to be understood. Keep your eye contact with the person you talked to and avoid the word ‘maybe’ as you can because it indicates hesitation in the conversation. 

3. Sense of Humor
Humors can be an icebreaker, so make use of a good sense of humor in your conversation. A comedian always looks very confident, because being a funny person is the same with taking a risk. A sense of humor equals the confidence, and it’s contagious. So spread it in the right moment.

4. Take a Mentor
If it is still hard for you to be confident, ask someone to be your mentor or guide. He/she will need to remind what you have to do and how to do it. This can be helpful so you can be ambitious all the time. You can ask your parents, best friend, or partner to be your mentor as well as your support system.

5. Try to Always Be Comfortable
Feeling comfortable will increase your confidence. As example, the convenience of wearing your outfit in a job interview. Choose the outfit that will make you feel comfortable while also adjusting with the neatness and politeness. Imagine if you have to wear something that you don’t like just to impress other people. It’s surely not comfortable at all!

6. Prepare Yourself
If you are going to have a meeting or give presentation in front of your colleagues, prepare yourself as best as you can. Put in mind that you are ready to perform by preparing everything well. If you are feeling ready, confidence will come automatically.

7. Think Positive
Yup! Think positively will get rid of any bad prejudice in you. When a negative thought comes, send them away directly to keep it from affecting your confidence.