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Want to Succeed with Your Instagram Marketing? Follow These 5 Steps!

Want to Succeed with Your Instagram Marketing? Follow These 5 Steps!


Instagram marketing is one of the marketing ways that is reckoned since Instagram introduced Carousel as one of its advertising methods in the end of 2015. Carousel makes your Instagram account seen by more people. Well, not only to be seen but also engage buyers from Instagram, follow these steps below!

1. Make an Interesting Photo
Because Instagram is a social media to share photos and videos, of course you have to make an interesting photo as the business owner who does marketing in Instagram. You can also post a photo that is shareworthy, which means when people see your post they feel like to share it. With inserting your product or brand, this can increase brand awareness for those who have seen it.

2. Place the Link on Your Instagram Bio
Because captions on Instagram can’t be directly clicked when writing a link, you can place the link on your Instagram bio. So, when you upload your photo, you can write “Click the link on our bio” or “For more info you can go to the link on our bio” which can be followed with the related content with the link. The link can lead to a landing page, website, or article as your business content.

3. Take Advantage of Trending Hashtag
Hashtag is also helpful so Instagram users can easily find a post they want to search. Well, if the trending hashtag is related to your product, take advantage of it! Hashtag can be a form of campaign for your product.

4. Upload Video
Instagram is not only for photos, so you can use it for uploading a video. You have to be as creative as you can because videos on Instagram only have 15 seconds duration. Audience will surely be more interested in the video content rather than the photos. You can insert a joke in the video to make it more entertaining or adjust it with your product.

5. Product Review
The most important thing for online business owners is to show your product’s review given from the customers that already bought your product/service or experienced it. With this, you can prove that you are a trusted company, so your future customers will be more assured to buy your product or service.