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Want to Try GrabWheels? Here's How to Use It!

By Isny Dewi R

08 November 2019

GrabWheels, application-based eco-friendly electric scooters.

You may have often seen people going back and forth on Jakarta streets using green scooters. The scooters are owned by the online transportation company Grab named GrabWheels, application-based eco-friendly electric scooters.

For those who are interested in using it, you can track the nearest Grabwheels parking location via eScooter option on Grab app. Then a map of your location will appear. If your location is near to GrabWheels parking point, green dots will appear indicating GrabWheels parking location along with information on the number of scooters available.

Generally, the distance between parking locations is not too far. This is to facilitate users when using GrabWheels as an eco-friendly short-distance mobility tool. If you have found a parking location, you can immediately go to it.

There are two choices of scooters, scooters with red button brake feature and scooters with clutch brake. Then choose the scooter you want. After that, you can scan the QR code on each scooter via Grab app. When scanning, information will appear regarding the scooter's battery status and safety features on Grab app.

Do not forget to use a helmet for security and safety. To use it, push the scooter first, then start driving by pressing the green button located on the right handlebar. This green button also works to increase scooter speed. If you want to slow down or stop, press the handbrake or use the foot brake on the back if you want to stop quickly.

Photo Credit: Instagram @vickyrupps 

Drive on the sidewalk or bike path. Control the speed of the scooter with a maximum speed of 10 km / hour. When you have finished using it, place the scooter at the nearest GrabWheels parking point, not having to return it to the original parking point. Don't forget to scan the QR code at the GrabWheels parking location so the app can confirm you have returned the scooter to the right place.

If you park your scooter carelessly, you will be fined Rp. 300,000. GrabWheels rental rates depending on rent duration. The most common is Rp 5,000 / 30 minutes with payment using OVO.

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