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Warning Signs of a Fake Job Posting

By Eskanisa R

05 October 2020

Research before applying to a job.

Photo source: Pixabay

Finding a new job is never easy. Hence, looking for a job in the midst of global pandemic is harder. You surely find bunch of job search websites for freshly posted job listings, but here are some tips to help you identify the fake ones.

1. Huge Salary
Salary may be a foremost reason when applying for a job. If you find easiest jobs for highest paying on any job search website, just do not believe it. Before you land on one to another job search websites, you need to do research on average compensation for both your experience level and job position.

2. Unprofessional Website
Besides salary, you also need to double check the accuracy of a job vacancy though the official website. According to Farida Lim as a representative of, scammers put online job advertising on the internet targeting jobseekers with the aim of stealing their money. The obvious fake online job advertising is generally using amateurish personal email address or unprofessional name of real website. Do not hesitate to confirm with the company after get the information of job vacancy. You can contact the company’s email, website or social media accounts.

3. Ask for Money
If you find company ask to pay money into their account for any reason, it is certainly a fake job. No matter what the reason is, asking new employee to pay money for administration fee, registration, insurance, seminar, training and so forth is illegal. Do not spend any penny to get a new job. 

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